Keyloggers For Windows 32bit/64bit Systems
Professional keyloggers to investigate, in stealth mode, all activities of your employees, spouse and kids


- the most advanced and undetectable keylogger -

Spytector spy software is a complete stealth monitoring utility that can monitor both your local and remote PCs. Spytector is the most undetectable spy software that is tracking and recording all the activities of PC users (keystrokes, chat sessions, visited websites, applications, opened windows etc.). The log files can be delivered to you via Email or FTP in stealth mode (or you can retrieve them locally).

Spytector spy software can monitor, record and restrict the computer activity in total stealth, being undetectable even for advanced users.

The trial version of Spytector is detected by few antivirus applications, even if it is a commercial legitimate keylogger. Our customers must be able to use Spytector on their computers in the same time with other security applications, so the version they receive (the full version) will be undetected for all the well known antivirus products.

- Perfect For Remotely Deployment
- Smallest Server Size
- Completely Invisible And Undetectable
- Bypasses Firewalls
- Bypasses UAC and Windows Defender
- Retrieves Firefox/Chrome/Opera/IE Passwords
- Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 compatible

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General Features

  • built-in log viewer utility (the logs can be viewed in a specially designed window included in Spytector, the Log Viewer; the different log sections are colored, so the user can easily see the PC activity; for later viewing the logs can be saved as RTF and HTML)
  • option to save the settings
  • skinnable interface
  • multi-language interface
  • editable keylogger server name, log name, log size, startup key name
  • all the keylogger server features are editable from the main application
  • local logfile retrieving

  • Security Features

  • totally invisible and undetectable keylogger server
  • stealth log delivery (using the default browser or default emailer)
  • advanced firewall bypass techniques (the keylogger is undetectable by local firewalls)
  • local encrypted logfiles
  • optional encryption for delivered logs
  • encrypted keylogger server settings
  • the keylogger can disable the System Restore feature
  • the keylogger can restrict the access to specified websites
  • the keylogger can restrict the access to specified applications
  • keylogger server overwriting protection
  • password protected configuration
  • password protected uninstallation for the main application
  • keylogger server protection against uninstallation

  • Monitoring Features

  • keystrokes
  • websites
  • applications
  • keylogger filter (only specific websites/windows are tracked)
  • clipboard monitoring
  • boot events
  • passwords

  • Server Features

  • FTP and Email log delivery
  • remotely deployable
  • option to find the locally stored passwords for FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, GoogleTalk, Outlook, Windows Live Messenger
  • option to include FireFox passwords in the log
  • option to include URL history in the log
  • the logs can be received either when they reached a minimum size or at specified day intervals
  • the keylogger works on Windows NT4, 2k, XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • both small and large icons of the server can be changed
  • editable keylogger server name, log name, log size, startup key name
  • smart keylogger (BACKSPACE is applied)
  • melting option
  • warning message option
  • option to uninstall the keylogger server after a specifed number of sent logs
  • option to uninstall the keylogger server with a specified hotkey
  • option to uninstall the keylogger server by checking HTTP

  • 2009-2015