Computer Monitoring

What is a keylogger?

You probably have heard this among what people fear to have in their computers. It might be even worse than a virus because it has the ability to record all of your keystrokes, passwords and mouse clicks. Some keyloggers even take screenshots and record the websites you have visited. This is why you have to be careful about the sites you visit online and the links you click. You can put your passwords and bank accounts at risk from being exposed to the wrong people.

How can a keylogger monitor your activities?

A keylogger is a "thing" that is installed on your computer whether hardware-based or software-based with the purpose of recording your keystrokes and deciphering what you are doing on your computer without your consent or knowledge. The keylogger can be sent via email and installed on your computer until the culprit would want to access it in the future. A keylogger can also be installed in a hardware as an extension, a cable, on your usb hubs or as a keyboard overlay. These are impossible to detect with anti-malware programs as they are in the hardware itself. A hardware keylogger does not run in the backgrounde and doesn't disturb any processes in the system.

By conducting an employee monitoring check you are sure to improve the productivity of your employees. And with increased productivity from your employees you can expect a good turnover in return.

A survey was conducted and it was found that employees waste about 75 minutes regularly in their non-business activities during the official hours. This resulted in a loss of $6,250 from each employee. Now, that's really an alarming sum and if it continues to grow then soon your business will suffer a huge loss.
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