Parental Monitoring

Computer Monitoring and Dangers in the Internet for Children

The internet is such a boon to humankind. It broke barriers and made information accessible to a big number of people unheard of in recent history. It is now helping shape our culture, the economies and the society as a whole. It is also helping the international community come together and narrow the gap between the developed world and the underdeveloped segment.

However, with these benefits also come great dangers, especially to children. Parents now see computer monitoring as one of the important tasks that parents should do. In order to put in place an effective computer monitoring system within the family, it is important to know what the specific dangers are facing children on the internet nowadays.


Consider this: 10% of searches made on the web are for erotic contents, 80% of unwanted exposure on internet pornography takes place in the home, and 80% of the boys and 60% of the girls have seen online pornographic videos before they reach the age of 18.

Frequent exposure to pornographic materials can have negative effects on the sexual attitudes and beliefs of children. This is a pressing concern because children below 18 are not ready and able to process pornographic information in a way adults do. Additional concern is the tendency of the porn industry to promote casual sexual relations, irresponsible BDSM and unsafe sex.

Cyber Bullying

Bullies are creeping in droves in the internet. On social networks, it is common for young people to post comments that are "unkind" and hurtful to others. Spreading lies through the social networks is also a common practice and this can affect your child in a bad way. Blackmails on the use of electronic information are also rampant. As more and more personal information in the form of profiles, comments, pictures and video posts are shared online, a lot of internet users are becoming more vulnerable to threats.


Eighty five percent (85%) of young people are involved in gaming. As a result, it is now affecting commerce and culture in ways that no other computer activities have done in the past. While there are a number of fun, interactive and educational games online, there are also dangers that these games pose to gamers. There are games with contents that are sexually suggestive, and use crude and vulgar language. Some games also center on violence and present gruesome graphics. Online games may also connect your children to other gamers who can influence them in a bad way.

Social Networks

Sharing on social network can be a good thing and your child can improve his or her social life through it. However, this will have to be monitored since the information that your kid is sharing online can pose harm to his or her person. Also, the information that he or she is absorbing online can greatly influence him or her in a bad way.

Computer monitoring is indeed very important for parents to do nowadays. Software and keyloggers are largely available online. All you need to do is to look for the appropriate software that fits your requirement.
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