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Computer Monitoring in Campuses: Eradicating Misuse of Computer Facilities in Schools

Computer monitoring was once a sensitive issue. Today, it is a solution opted by companies to eradicate misuse of their facilities and the possibility of threats in their networks and business proceedings. As this strategy proved to help increase company productivity, schools have started using keylogger software to promote discipline in school facility use.

Why should schools monitor computer use?

Schools today have made internet access more available. This is to help students with their researches and schoolwork. However, there were some who seemed to have neglected the proper usage of these resources as schools saw grades dropping and teachers spending more time in addressing a student's behavior problems. There was also a drop in the network speed percentages and an increase in server problems.

Of course, such a hunch that students are mostly misusing the computers was hard to prove until certain schools participated in a study to help see if it was true. Sure enough, the results showed more than 2000 violations committed in just one day. These violations included accessing pornographic sites, racist comments, bullying, and more. These were not even limited to the internet alone. Even word applications were used in violation of the school's computer facility use.

Students were also found handing messages about teachers and even corrupting others. Offensive languages were also used in chat rooms, emails and instant messaging devices. While accessing of certain websites can be blocked, there were students who were able to unblock explicit websites.

These were but some of the violations found in a day and after a week, almost 20,000 violations were found – and these were but in one school alone.

Finding a Solution

To conduct the study, computer monitoring software programs were installed. These keyloggers were set in stealth mode to avoid detection. It detects and records what the words students typed, their speed, which allowed the schools to get the necessary data in their study. It allowed them to remotely monitor the activity, handle the computer, and even check the information especially their messages.

After the study, schools were further encouraged to continue using these software. At first, the school's management decided to confront the students who violated. Monitors were screenshot to gain proof and the websites they accessed were evaluated. The students who violated were immediately confronted after they continued to do the violation.

With the violations still going rampant even after confronting both students and parents, school officials installed additional features to the computer monitoring devices that allowed them to shut the computer off when a violation occurred. This forced students to conform to the regulations enforced by the school regarding use of computer facilities and the internet, especially with the possibility of their usage suspended if they continued.


For the past few years since schools have started using computer monitoring software, school officials have seen a dramatic change in the students' progress. Their grades were improving as well as their participation in class and other school activities. There was also an efficiency seen in how teachers spend most of their time teaching rather than lecturing and confronting violators. Computer networks also improved as these mainly access websites for research. With the improvement seen in students, many schools are now using computer monitoring software.
Realtime Spy Software
Realtime Monitoring Keylogger
Hi-Tech Keylogger
Realtime-Spy allows you to monitor any PC from anywhere - without needing to have physical access to that PC!

Realtime-Spy can record nearly everything a user does on their PC - from keystrokes, to Website visits, to printer activity and files opened!

Realtime-Spy is the latest in high-tech surveillance software that allows you to REMOTELY INSTALL the monitoring system and access the activity logs from ANYWHERE via your own personal Realtime-Spy Webspace! No remembering long IP addresses or directly connecting to the remote PC - all you have to do is point you browser to your appointed address to view logs from any machines you deploy Realtime-Spy on!

All logs are password protected and securely stored for your eyes only - and no worrying about waiting for the remote machine to sign-on to retrieve its IP address to monitor it! Undetected by Anti-Virus Software!

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Realtime Spy Features

Realtime-Spy is ahead of the competition

Realtime-Spy is the FIRST remotely installable keylogger software designed to provide convenient access to the monitored PC from ANY LOCATION without the use of IP addresses and direct connections to the remote PC!

Realtime-Spy provides the following luxuries:

  • Remote Installation and Removal
    Remote Installation without physical presence needed for installation. Realtime-Spy keylogger can later be uninstalled and permanently disallowed from running on a remote computer, again without physical interaction with the remote computer.
  • Logging Access Anytime, Anywhere
    24/7 access to the monitored PC, from any location via your personal website address given to you after you purchase!
  • Centralized, Multiple User Logging
    Log and record MULTIPLE PC's from ONE REMOTE LOCATION without any extra configuration - just click what user names you want to view logs for! [view screenshot]
  • Flexible with Internet Connections
    Realtime-Spy Software can monitor any PC regardless of its Internet connection. Most other remote deployable monitoring solutions will not work behind a hardware firewall, router, LAN, or if they are on a dialup connection - but Realtime-Spy will! No matter what Internet connection the remote PC uses, you will be able to view logs from your Realtime-Spy web-page.
  • Advanced Stealth and Cloaking
    Realtime-Spy runs in COMPLETE STEALTH and cloaks itself to hide from the remote user! The file you send to the remote user is able to be discarded and deleted - without affecting Realtime-Spy's monitoring process! Realtime-Spy monitoring software is not visible in the Windows Task Manager!
  • Extremely Small
    Extremely small file size for easy and fast remote deployment (only 104kb! - smaller than an image!) The filename of the file you send is fully customizable as well!

Realtime-Spy Monitors and Records all PC activities

Realtime-Spy is a powerful activity logging computer spy program that can log activities that users on your computer perform. Realtime-Spy can log what keystrokes they type, websites they visit, chatroom conversations, emails, and much more!
  • Keystrokes Typed
    Log all keystrokes typed by the user. Logs are automatically pre-formatted from backspaces for easy web viewing via your secure Realtime-Spy webspace. [view screenshot]
  • Email Forwarding (Realtime-Spy PLUS only)
    Have all emails that a user sends and receives forwarded to your own private email account for later viewing. Now you can see all email activity that is going on when you are not around.
  • Desktop Screenshots
    Log screenshots of the active window the remote user is working in and interacting with. [view screenshot]
  • Websites Visited
    Log all websites visited by the user. Realtime-Spy supports all the popular browsers (AOL, IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, etc). [view screenshot]
  • Websites Visited
    Log all websites visited by the user. Realtime-Spy supports all the popular browsers (AOL, IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, etc). [view screenshot]
  • Internet Connections
    Log all internet connections made and attempted by the user. Logs include the remote host/port and local host/port. [view screenshot]
  • Windows Opened
    Log all windows opened and used by the user. [view screenshot]
  • Chat Conversations
    Log both sides of all ICQ/MSN/Yahoo!/AOL/AIM messenger conversations! [view screenshot]
  • Applications Ran
    Log all applications and programs executed by the remote user. [view screenshot]
  • Print Jobs Executed
    Log all print jobs executed by the remote user. [view screenshot]
  • File Usage
    Log all files and folders created and deleted by the remote user. [view screenshot]
  • Documents Viewed
    Log all files and documents viewed by the remote user. [view screenshot]
  • System Information
    Record and monitor system information on the remote machine: uptime, memory, ram, and more. You can also remotely shutdown, reboot, restart, logoff, or freeze the remote PC as well! [view screenshot]
  • System Shutdowns and User changes
  • E-mails typed
  • Passwords typed

Realtime-Spy is very SECURE!

  • Complete Stealth
    Realtime-Spy key logger is undetectable to all users. Using minimal PC processing cycles, Realtime-Spy is not visible in any way to the user, and records and stores all logs without any user notification. Realtime-Spy cloaks itself to hide from the remote user, so the original file you deploy can be deleted - yet the PC still stays monitored!
  • Remotely Deployable
    Realtime-Spy can be remotely deployed easily with just a few clicks and minimal user configuration.
    Email Deployment: simply send your configured Realtime-Spy key logger to the remote PC. The user only has to run the attached file - they do not have to respond or send you any response to start monitoring - and they will not know they are being monitored! (optional splash notice available for non-stealth remote installs).
    LAN/Network Deployment: Easily deploy Realtime-Spy over a network via network shares or logon scripts. No user interaction is needed!
  • Secure Password Protection
    All your logs are password protected via secure web encryption. Only YOU can access your secure log webspace to view logs! Realtime-Spy does not put your monitored data at risk - as other remote monitoring tools do - by allowing direct connections to the remote PC for data retrieval: all data is securely stored on our servers for viewing ONLY BY YOU.
  • 24/7 Realtime Monitoring
    Realtime-Spy will not stop monitoring if the user reboots - it will ALWAYS record their activities.
  • Basic Remote Administration
    Realtime-Spy allows you to remotely shutdown, restart, logoff, freeze, and lockdown the remote PC via your administration area!